Create your own small but rich sound

INTERMONO’s second series

It’s easier to assemble your own speaker.

Compared to WoW, which is easy to assemble by anyone, assembly of MINI is made even easier. If you refer to the video and assembly manual, you will be even more surprised at the upgrade.

Soft and rich sound

Rich stereo with omnidirectional design

With the upgraded MINI’s amplifier board, the sound is much smoother, and the speaker unit, which is designed for both sides at 180 degrees, has an omnidirectional stereo sound that makes you feel much more full of music in any space.

Your own MINI

Express your personality at MINI.

Stencil, sticker, drawing, decorating.
Any work is good. Customize the finished MINI in an easy way and make it into your own MINI with only one in the world. Joy and pleasure multiply even more. (Design Registration 30-0929199)


MINI is good for carrying anywhere.

MINI is 87mm (W) x140mm (D) x130mm (T) size with a handle, easy to carry in a small bag. Good to carry around, the sound is not small compared to the size. You’ll be amazed by the powerful sound coming from its small size.


Power Rechargeable Adapter(Use AA battery when carrying)
Sound Soft and rich sound 50W Powerful sound 50W
Sound direction design 180° omnidirectional stereo Front stereo
Bonding(Assembly)method Using Glue Gun Using Screws or Bond for wood
Recommended use Indoors, outdoors anywhere Cafe, Fixed interior such as on the bookshelf or desk (adapter recommended)
Special feature Anti-vibration spike VUMeter