WoW Basic

Make your own speaker!

DIY Speaker Kit

WoW is a bluetooth speaker kit that anyone can assemble.

You can easily build WoW with the manual in the kit. You can also follow along our step-by-step assembly video. If you want the manual as PDF, download it to the link below.


Vivid Sound

50W(25W+25W) Powerful Bluetooth Amplifier Module

Full range 3 inch speaker

Experience the vivid and powerful sound. You can upgrade the speakers if you want.

Analog Emotions

Combination of birch and analog VUMeter

The white birch enclosure and the warm light of the analog VUMeter will bring your analog emotions.

아날로그 감성 - INTERMONO WoW Basic
나만의 스피커 - INTERMONO WoW Basic

Your Own Speaker

Customize WoW Basic

Unleash your full creativity on a white birch enclosure box. (Design Registration 30-0899870)

Wherever You Are

Express your individuality to your space

WoW makes your space unique and special. Design your ideal space with WoW.