WoW Craft

Handicraft speaker, only one in the world!


by Daria Song

Daria Song, who likes to express the imaginary world in childhood, made a WoW Craft ‘Cable Car’ using various methods such as quilting and attaching sculptures.


The WoW Craft ‘Cable Car’ was created as a ‘Chocolate Cable Car’ by adding the imaginary chocolate factory to the motif of a San Francisco specialty, cable car.


Through various visual images to remind people of childhood and music to listen through the speakers, it is expected that viewer’s story of imagination based on the childhood feelings left in her mind is unfolded.

기차 - INTERMONO WoW Craft


by Mugungmujin

After graduating from university with a major in textile arts, Mugungmujin is fascinated by the pressed flower work and currently produces various pressed flower products
Inspired by natural motifs, she expresses a myriad of emotions with unique perspective and special portrayal.


The ‘Flower Fish’ is an image of the sea made of petals and leaves. The scenery which is added to WoW’s warm wood texture in harmony brings comfort and versatility to people.


WoW Basic, which can be the most popular, turns into a one and only WoW by someone’s touch.



by Ganz

Ganz works as a photographer and art director in various fields. Especially, Ganz thinks that graffiti is the beginning of street art, and it is a base field. He is interested in how to transform texts such as titles and phrases into drawings.


The drawing on the WoW is the Graffiti feeling, and the objects in it are the patterns and materials used in Tattoo. Ganz brings the Graffiti, carved on and around the street wall, in a small hexagonal box.


Ganz’s WoW ‘Graffiti’ shows you how to make your ‘own’ speaker that brand ‘WoW’ purses. Express what you want to express yourself, or something that represents you, that’s WoW.